Will James Signature Snare Drum


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Product Description

4″ x 14″ Silver/ Black Sparkle Fade G3 Will James Model


  • Master Tension Adjustment
  • 3 Dedicated Snare Balancing Adjustments
  • Independent Snare Pressure Adjustment (ITaP)
  • Coated cable, uncoated cable, and wire snares
  • Stylish Contempo™ tube lugs
  • Die-cast rims
  • CNC machined 10-ply, cross-laminated maple shell
  • 45° single-face bearing edges
  • High-Gloss Sparkle Fade Finish
  • Our exclusive Rim Guard™ provides you with added security when playing quiet passages close to the rim. The soft rubber guard can be removed and used on other drums as well.
  • Evans orchestral heads