About Us

The “P” in the name Initial P represents both percussion music and us:
Performing Art
Professional teaching
—— and also symbolizes the infinite Possibilities within percussion music.

Founded in 2017 by Ms. Karina Yau and Mr. Chronicle Li, Initial-P Percussion Art Center provides professional training for percussion enthusiasts and serves as a music exchange platform for local percussionists.

Our center provides tailor-made classes for each student; alongside with teachers with professional qualifications and the use of professional instruments, students can experience a more effective learning progression.

We believe putting theory into practice is vital when learning a musical instrument. Through regularly held concerts and workshops at our center, students can understand the music theory more thoroughly and top their skills as performers.

Initial P is keen on promoting local percussion music. By sponsoring different local percussion ensemble groups and co-organizing activities with them, we can bring the local percussion music scene closer to the public audiences.

With all the above, Initial P Percussion Art Centre, the specially curated space will always be the choice for local percussion music enthusiasts.