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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Anna graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University, soon she realized her very urge to go to Berklee College of Music and she enrolled in the College in 2006.

While in Berklee, Anna explored and nurtured herself in various hand percussions, mallets and mainly drumset. She studied extensively with Ian Froman, Rick Considine, Terri Lyne Carrington, Jon Hazilla, John Ramsay, Yoron Israel, David DiCenso, Jackie Santos, Tony Smith, Kim Plainfield, Joe Galeota, Ricardo Monzon, Eguie Castrillo and Victor Mendoza. She cites Louis Hayes, Bill Stewart and Roy Haynes as her influences.

She awarded the Best Improved Drummer Award and Scholarship in April 2007. She was also awarded the Best Individual Performance in a significant acoustic music competition Soundbase 2007. In 2008, she was twice awarded the Berklee
Achievements-Based Scholarship. In the same year, Anna was touring and featured in the Focus Day Concert in PASIC with the Berklee West African Drum and Dance Ensemble in Austin,Texas.

In summer of 2009, Anna studied traditional African drumming, dancing and singing in Ghana, West Africa, under the instruction of gyill master Bernard Woma, Ghanaian percussion and dance masters Reuben Agbeli and Emmanuel Agbeli.

In August 2011. Anna returned Hong Kong and she was featured as a guest percussionist in Concert in the Dark by production company People Mountain People Sea and 1010.

In 2012, Anna led her all-Berklee-line- up-Jazz-Group, Fantastica, made it to the finalist round of The Venetian Macao’s International Jazz & Blues. Anna is also the new drummer and percussionist for the renowned Hong Kong rock band RAMBAND.

In 2015, Anna founded her own contemporary drumline “Fantastic Line” featuring herself on vocal and 8 drummers, style fused with Brazilian, Pop, Funk and African.

Other than performing, Anna also arranged and composed percussion music for various scale percussion ensembles. She was invited to write and coach all the percussion pieces in a Tang Shu Wing Producion – “Detention”, this non-verbal physical comedy show is the bestselling performance of Summerhall during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012(London). Overwhelmed welcoming responses of the show that it had been invited to return to the Edinburgh Festival again in the summer of 2015, more than 150 shows had been done around the world so far.

Anna is also a Music Consultant and Arranger for numerous percussion ensembles in Hong Kong. Her other arranging work also included percussion music for the Hong Kong Childrens Choir for their overseas tour in 2011 summer.

To accomplish one of Anna’s goals for her return and the love of music, she has been giving workshops, an ongoing project supported by LCSD, about modern styles music and world percussion art to the general public and more than 20 local schools with both Renfrew Group and JCE John Chen Ensemble.

自2010年從美國回港後,即受本地音樂界熱烈歡迎。樊氏精通鋼琴、古典敲擊樂、爵士鼓及世界各地鼓樂和舞蹈。她的表演及編曲往往給人耳目一新的感覺。經常獲邀出席世界各地音樂節,包括 TEDx波士頓、Beantown爵士音樂節(美國 波士頓)、HONK音樂節(美國紐約)、PASIC (美國得克薩斯)、北山國際爵士音樂節 (中國珠海)、北京國際爵士音樂節 (中國北京)、台中國際爵士音樂節 (台灣)、香港國際爵士音樂節等。在港亦非常活躍,曾經合作的團體及歌手包括香港小交響樂團、香港藝術節、人山人海、譚詠麟、張學友、盧冠廷、陳奕迅、鄭秀文、C ALLSTAR、黃靖、泰迪羅賓、羅大佑、岑寧兒、林一峰、林二汶、區新明、黃耀明及劉美君等。2012年起獲邀為國際著名劇場導演鄧樹榮動作喜劇作品《打轉教室》的敲擊樂及主題曲寫作和指導,兩度於英國愛丁堡藝穗節公演廣受高度評價。曾經為 Anna 作專訪的媒體包括明報周刊、信報、輔仁網、主場新聞、JESSICA、DB Magazine、903 <有誰共嗚>、商業二台 <沙漠中的海灘>、香港電台二台、聽打敲擊樂雜誌。

現除了是 maRK 岩藝雅奇 及唱作歌手 JING WONG 黃靖 的鼓手外,Anna 更踏足幕前,擔當港視31《硬地音樂》主持,一連十集探討香港的獨立音樂。致力發展敲擊樂的可行性和承存,成立了專門為敲擊樂隊編製融合現代流行樂、爵士樂和百老匯音樂劇原素的 PE LAB (Percussion Ensemble LAB)。
Anna 更是多元化組合 FANtastic Line 創作總監、領班及主唱,積極推廣破格敲 擊樂及爵士樂文化。