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Joey Wong Cho Yee started learning percussion under the tutelage of Ms. Mandy Lo in secondary school with school band training. Joey graduated form Hong Kong Baptist University with the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Studies. In the academic years, she studied percussion with Ms. Sophia Woo.

Joey is passionate in ensemble music, she performed actively in many orchestra and ensemble. She had been appointed as the percussionist of Hong Kong Performers Winds, Musicphilic Winds, Hong Kong Baptist University Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong Baptist University Percussion ensemble and Hong Kong Symphonic Winds. She was invited to be a guest percussion soloist in Hong Kong Baptist University Percussion Ensemble annual concert 2014. In 2015, she established the percussion group, Bom Bak, with friends.

From 2008 to 2010, Joey touring with secondary school band to Taiwan and Macau to attend the Asia Pacific Band Festival. In 2013, she touring with Hong Kong Baptist University Percussion Ensemble to Macau exchanged and performed with local percussionists. In 2013 and 2017 she also participated the World Music Contest with Hong Kong Symphonic Winds in Netherland.

Joey is currently being the percussion tutor in several primary and secondary school. She has composed and arranged the percussion ensemble music for the school percussion band.



黃氏曾參與多個海外音樂節,交流活動等。於2008及2010年,分別到台灣及澳門參與亞太管樂節。2013年隨香港浸會大學敲擊樂團到澳門,與當地敲擊樂協會樂手作音樂交流及音樂表演。2013及2017年隨香港交響管樂團遠赴荷蘭與當地管樂團作音樂交流及參與國際性比賽 (World Music Contest Kerkrade) 並奪得金獎佳績。