Nancy Lau
Aural & Theory Lesson
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Lau started learning piano with John Chan during her teenage. During her study in HKBU Music Foundation programme, she further polished her piano performing skill with Raymond Young. Lau attained her piano performance diploma of Trinity College and ABRSM piano performance diploma, and also Grade 8 in both Music Theory and Violin. After her graduation, Lau focuses on music education career. Recently she is active in piano accompaniment. She was invited by Tom Lee Music as a pianist in the master class of international trombone soloist Jacques Mauger, and performed with Jacques and Hong Kong trombone soloist Tony Tsui. She is currently a tutor at The Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Music Theory, piano and violin teacher.

自幼師承陳柏賜先生習琴,其跟隨著名鋼琴演奏家楊習禮先生深造鋼琴演奏及技巧,並畢業於浸會大學音樂預備課程。於修讀期間劉氏已考獲英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院及英國皇家音樂學院之鋼琴演奏文憑、八級音樂理論証書及八級小提琴演奏証書。畢業後劉氏一直從事伴奏及教育工作,並活躍於香港鋼琴伴奏界。曾獲通利琴行之邀請與國際著名長號獨奏家professor Jacques Mauger及本地長號演奏家徐紹輝先生擔任鋼琴伴奏、亦曾獲香港節日管樂團之邀請合作演出。現為鋼琴,小提琴,樂理及香港兒童合唱團之導師。