Stephane S. Wong
黃偉勳, 阿勳/Funn
*Guest teacher
Drum Set Lesson
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Stephane is a professional drummer and also known as Steffunn / Funn. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Started drumming when he was 8 years old and started performing regularly and joined his first band ‘Tai Tau Fat’ when he was 16, entitled as the ‘best drummer’ award at The Warehouse Band Contest 1998. He then formed another band King Ly Chee in 1999, awarded as the Best Drummer at the Hong Kong Montmartre Music Festival in 2000.

Since then, Stephane was drumming with different bands, Tommy Chung and the All Blues, Charisma, Helter Skelter Blues band, Fist of Curry, Wild Child, Tuesday Morning Surfing Club, and the local indie greats, Whence He Came.

Stephane has performed and working as a drummer since 2003 for the Hong Kong pop music scene, including Steve Wong Ka Keung (Beyond), Carl Wong (double C music group), At 17 and Anthony Wong (People Mountain People Sea), Eason Chan, Denise Ho, Eric Kwok, Pong Nam, Chet Lam, Joey Yung, Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Sandy Lam, Sammi Cheng, Robynn and Kendy, Soft Hard, Joyce Cheng, Alex Fung and many different local artists and producers. He is now actively playing for Joey Yung, Grasshopper, Ellen and the Ripples Band, local Reggae band Sensi Lion, Tai Tau Fat and various artists.

In Year 2006, Stephane became an endorser of the world famous cymbal manufacturer, Zildjian Cymbals. And has launched his signature drumsticks with Craftsman Drumsticks (Taiwan) in 2017.

鼓手 – 黃偉勳 (Stephane S. Wong),又名Steffunn /阿勳/Funn

自8歲開始學習鼓擊至今,並於中學時代開始學習結他、口琴、貝斯結他及組織樂隊。曾參與之樂隊有: 大頭佛、King Ly Chee、Whence he came, Charisma, Helter Skelter, 野仔,Tuesday Morning Surfing Club等等。現為香港主流樂壇、容祖兒、盧凱彤Ellen and the Ripples Band、 草蜢、 香港雷鬼樂團Sensi Lion和樂隊大頭佛等單位的鼓手。

於1998年蒲窩青少年樂隊比賽及2000年黃金蒙馬特音樂節中同奪得「最佳鼓手」的獎項。現活躍於主流音樂樂壇,擔任音樂會鼓手一職、巡演及錄音製作等工作,曾參與和合作之歌手音樂人有陳奕迅、容祖兒、何韻詩、盧凱彤、藍奕邦、周國賢、麥浚龍、黃家強、草蜢、黃耀明、吳雨霏、劉德華、林憶蓮、達明一派、鄭秀文、李克勤、楊千嬅、林一峰、香港小交響樂團、At 17、謝霆鋒、PixelToy、拜金小姐、人山人海、盧冠廷、青山大樂隊、鄭伊健、范曉萱、Eric Kwok、謝安琪、C All Star、Robynn and Kendy、鄭欣宜、Alex Fung等等歌手和監製。