Timothy Sum
Percussion Lesson
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Timothy is a holder of the ABRSM 8 percussion certificate and obtained a Bachelor degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has been learning percussion since secondary school and actively participated in numerous band rehearsals and performances.

Timothy has various types of experience like orchestra, wind band and marching band. He was a member of the marching band The Pegasus Vanguard and is now an active member in the wind band Shinywinds, participating in numerous performance and competitions. He is also as a freelance percussionist and performs in various musical shows. Timothy is currently working as a percussion instructor for local primary and secondary schools and studying music in Hong Kong Baptist University.

沈家豪畢業於香港科技大學, 自中學開始接觸敲擊樂, 先後跟隨本地敲擊樂手Eyo Li 及Karina Yau 學 習步操敲擊及敲擊樂,並參與樂團練習及演出. 及後加入步操樂團:The Pegasus Vanguard 及管 樂團: Shinywinds 參與各類型演出及比賽, 亦以自由敲擊樂手身份參與表演,擁有各類型包括管 弦樂團,管樂團,步操樂團等演出經驗.及後考獲ABRSM 8級敲擊樂證書. 現為本地中小學敲擊樂 導師及浸會大學音樂系學生。